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1941: Counter Attack was released in the arcade. Gamers took on the role of fighter pilot to destroy enemies on land, sea and air.


Capcom released one of the most Influential and enjoyable arcade titles of all time - Street Fighter II, a game that many viewed as one of the greatest ever made. The title became phenomenally successful worldwide underlining Capcom's status as one of the best video game publishers ever. 


Street Fighter 2 Dash appeared in the arcades in April as a new version of the 1991 smash hit. The game was massively successful as it pushed boundaries back still further with lightening fast two-player action. 


Super Street Fighter 2 was released in arcades with superb new characters and a whole range of amazing special moves for gamers to perfect. (Also released on Mega Drive and SNES) 


Capcom made a successful transition into the world of feature films with the release of Street Fighter: The Movie. Massive support generated from the now classic series of games ensured the film became a mega-smash hit, taking over $100m at the box office across the world. 

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