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The Street Fighter phenomenon grew even more powerful with the launch of Street Fighter Zero in arcades. (Also released on Sega Saturn and PC) 

Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness was launched taking Capcom's involvement in 2D fighting games to the realm of mighty mech robots with the addition of an exciting storyline. (Also released on Saturn and PlayStation One)

Mega Man continued his phenomenal rise to gaming icon as Mega Man X3 was released within Europe on the SNES. (Also converted for PC).


Resident Evil struck terror into the hearts of gamers worldwide when it launched in 1996 on PlayStation One. Quite simply it was one of the most awesome playing experiences around and created a new gaming genre, bringing "survival-horror" into the living room. The world has been gripped by the Resident Evil phenomena ever since with over 20million copies worldwide. (Also released on Saturn, GameBoy Colour and PC) 

The superbly entertaining Dark Stalkers series hit the arcades. It achieved massive success with core games fans and underlined Capcom's status as the true masters of 2D fighting games. (Also released on PlayStation One)

Star Gladiator, was launched on PlayStation One with Capcom's first foray into the world of 3D fighting games. The game was set 350 years in the future and featured graphically spectacular special moves.


Mega Man 8 was released on the Sega Saturn. This was Mega Man's first outing on a 32 bit console. (Also released on PlayStation One).


Resident Evil 2 was launched to worldwide acclaim. Players controlled Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as they explored the zombie infested Raccoon City. The survival-horror epic shocked gamers with true horror and became one of the biggest selling titles of the year worldwide. (Also released on Saturn, PC and latterly N64) 

Rival Schools, the amazing 3D fighting game launched on PlayStation One with a storyline based upon students, government conspiracies and a series of unexplained incidents…

Dark Stalkers 3 was released on PlayStation One and helped give Capcom yet another successful fighting game in which 18 supernatural characters battle each other for control of the night.


The year Capcom released Dino Crisis on PlayStation One. Produced by Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, dinosaurs relentlessly pursued Regina on a remote dino infested island. The tension and action was like nothing encountered before and gave Capcom another smash hit. 

The masterful Power Stone, one of the most innovative fighting games ever, came to Dreamcast. It gave gamers true 3D fighting environments featuring many different weapons and objects to help defeat your opponents. (Also released in Arcade version)

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