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The beginning of 2007 saw the launch of a new gaming brand that has gone on to become a true classic. Lost Planet follows the story of Wayne, a rookie VS pilot who is compelled to embark on a mission of revenge after he loses his father in a devastating battle with the Akrid (the indigenous aliens who inhabit the icy planet). Teaming up with a small but determined band of freedom fighters living outside the law, Wayne has to overcome incredible odds to track down his enemies and make them pay!

Initially released on 360 and later PC, Lost Planet Extreme Condition was a worldwide success, with its stunning game environments and brilliant action sequences. Developed in house by experienced producer Jun Takeuchi, the levels of quality were always going to be high.

Based on rich and varied Japanese mythology, Okami is arguably the most stylish game ever created for the PS2. It allows gamers to fully interact with the game world like never before. Using the truly unique celestial paintbrush gameplay mechanic, gamers can transform the game world with a stroke or slash through enemies.

The combination of beautiful graphics and original gameplay won Okami many fans and significant critical acclaim including 2 BAFTAs (British Academy for Film and Television Arts) and 8 IGN gaming awards including Best Overall Adventure, Best Overall Artistic Design and Best Overall Game.

The much loved Mighty 'Man in Blue' returned for a brand new adventure in Mega Man ZX. The uneasy peace between Human and Reploid that had lasted 100 years is shattered by renegade Reploids and it falls to Mega Man to save the day once more. ZX brought something new to the Mega Man series as for the first time you could chose to play as a female main character Aile.

Building on the huge success of Monster Hunter Freedom, MHF2 delivered an even bigger game world to explore, more monsters to battle and more ways to develop your unique character. With 100+ hours of game play, MHF2 really pushed the limits of the PSP and even more action became available with up to 4 player wireless play allowed friends to team up for quests and battles.

MotoGP 07 on PS2 was Capcom’s first game in the critically acclaimed MotoGP series. Gamers were able to compete in the official game of the fastest, most thrilling, ‘balls on the road’, motor sports racing event in the world. With all the official riders and bikes, accurate physics models based on real race data and a variety of immersive and challenging opponent behavioural models to content with, Moto GP was and is the only bike racing game worth playing.

16.01.07 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Ground breaking Lost Planet Extreme Condition, is now available with new content and features for the great value 'Classics' range price. Lookout for Lost Planet Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition!!

09.02.07 Okami
Hunter, hero, wolf, god. Okami is a Japanese brush painting brought to life; an epic and unique action-filled adventure.

22.06.07 Mega Man ZX
Dual screens? Double the action, double the characters, double the trouble… Mega Man ZX.

29.06.07 Lost Planet PC
On a lost planet fight for survival, hunt for revenge…Lost Planet arrives on PC.

07.09.07 Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Twice the danger, twice the action, twice the size – Monster Hunter Freedom 2 claws the PSP™ apart!

26.10.07 MotoGP 07
MotoGP 07 on PS2 is Capcom’s first game in the critically acclaimed MotoGP series.

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